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  Our custom Kiln-Drying service is invaluable to our clients. We kiln your material at the same time we kiln our own, so you can be assured we are taking the greatest care of your material.

  Our Process begins with the drop off. If you can get it to the yard, we'll take it from there. We'll offload you with our team of qualified lumber specialists and get you a ticket printed up so you can be on your way. 

  From there, we take the material and stack it to allow for optimal air-drying, ensuring that each layer has adequate support before storing it under our custom built concrete weight packs. 

 As the material air dries, the weight is distributed evenly to ensure your boards come out flat. We check them weekly and log the moisture content to ensure we are tracking the wood's progress accurately. 

Once we get the timber to between 10-12% moisture content, we put it in one of our quality kilns for 1-2 weeks, checking the moisture content daily till all the lumber is hitting 5-8%.

From there, we will pull, stack, and band your material so it is ready for you to come pick it up.

We Do All This for $0.55/Board Foot