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   We take what we do very seriously, and so we have made it our personal mission to make sure we have the largest selection of native hardwoods for you to pull from. 

   We get our timber from family-owned, smaller sawmills across Tennessee and Kentucky, sourcing only the finest logs to produce the highest quality lumber. We have spent the last year developing a close relationships with the Amish and Mennonite communities to get our hands on specific logs, trees, and species that the traditional sawmills don’t have time to pull out of the lineup. By doing this, we get a fantastic assortment of character, color, and sizes in out slabs and standard lumber that we challenge you to find anywhere else on the Tennessee-Kentucky line. 



   Quality is our goal in everything. From the moment a log hits the yard, we treat it like it’s a barrel of fine KY bourbon to make sure it is cured, dried, and milled to perfection consistently. We understand that protecting our forests from over-harvesting is paramount to preserving our planet for future generations, and so we ensure we have the absolute smallest amount of waste possible in our products.